Want to give your floor a new look? Then here are a few ideas on how to go about it:

  1. A lick of paint

A new coat or two of paint is one of your quickest and most cost-effective ways to transform the look of your home, whether it is the floor or the walls. Remember to clean the floor before you get out your paintbrush, but once you are ready to decorate, look for a dedicated floor paint in your local hardware shop for a professional and hard-wearing finish that will last.

Not sure which colour to choose? White’s a great choice if you want a room to seem brighter, lighter and more spacious, otherwise, contemplate a ‘stone’ or pale grey hue. Look to Scandinavian chic to inspire the decorating scheme of your new look room, for a refined yet comfortable look.

  1. Sand and smooth

Alternatively, give your existing wooden floor a new lease of life by sanding it down and re-varnishing or waxing the floorboards. If you’re not sure how to go about it, there’s lots of advice available online or call in the professionals to help.

  1. Cosy up

Luxuriate in the comfort of a new carpet and make life easy on your feet. Insulate yourself against the low winter temperatures with wall to wall carpeting, making your home warmer and more energy efficient by so doing. Carpeting will also absorb some of the sounds of your home, like people thundering up and down the stairs while you’re at it.

You can breathe new life into your home by utilizing stripes or patterns, helping you to create the interior look you’re after – stripes look great on a stair runner, providing an eye-catching feature in your hallway. Alternatively, choose a sisal or seagrass flooring for a natural and pared down look.

  1. Kardean captivates

Install Kardean flooring for a stylish, hardwearing and low maintenance flooring solution that will transform your home, giving you the look of natural wood, including tone, knot, and grain details. You’ll have a huge array of shades from which to choose.

Easy to clean and non-porous you’ll find Kardean flooring is a practical alternative to your home. What’s more, Kardean flooring can be integrated with underfloor heating systems, so your feet will always be toasty and warm, whatever the weather outside.

  1. Wood wins every time

But for the pick of the crowd, choose hardwood flooring, there’s nothing like it for a classic, yet chic appearance; and a hard-wearing finish.  Invest in hardwood flooring, and it’s likely to last for many years to come.

You can even re-stain it should you wish to in the future to give your home a completely new look. Solid wood flooring is second to none when it comes to style and durability.

  1. A cost-effective alternative

Want a natural look, but don’t want to invest in a hardwood floor – then look to laminate instead. As a product, it might have been given a hard rap over the years, but time and technology have moved on, and laminate is now an affordable and chic alternative to hardwood flooring.

Now you’ve decided, call in our experienced team to transform your home from the floor up.

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